Collector Directory Pre-Launch

Collector Directory Pre-Launch

Collector Directory Pre-Launch

This week I’m coming to you from Browzers Bookshop in Madison, Wisconsin, right at the end of State Street. In fact, since we’re in Wisconsin I am legally obligated to show you a picture of a cow before we go any further. This one is just a few paces from the front door:

Okay, good – that’s done. Moving right along… I was in town for my day job, so on the way home I spent some time wandering around Browzers, which was a pretty well-lit and clean little shop (not nearly as dim and dingy as I like, but I’ll excuse that). Some rack stuff downstairs, and then the upstairs looked a bit more traditional, although they also had a big wide row down the middle of the shop with glass-enclosed special books on either side, and some old furniture down the middle for sitting, which I thought was a nice touch.

They had a small sci-fi/fantasy section (always the first place I look), but Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan work took up a huge percentage of it. I wondered if the shop specialized in Burroughs, so I asked the desk clerk. He said no, they had just bought out an estate, and it was really heavy on the Tarzan. That was a nice segue into my next topic (both at the shop and in this post), the Collector Directory.

I asked how he was going to move all that stuff if they wanted to make room for other things, and he said they used to try to sell it online, but never had the best luck and the fees were high, so they had pretty much stopped doing that. Of course I then asked him if there was any kind of directory online where they could see a list of all the Burroughs/Tarzan collectors in the country, and maybe put the collection in front of them to see if they’d get any takers. With that statement, I came as close as I’ve ever been to having someone laugh in my face. He told me that nothing like that existed.

Well, friends, it’s about to!

Pre-Launch of Collector Directory

Wander on over to, and you’ll see that the pre-launch site is up and ready to go. I hope you like the design – I tried to give it a healthy dose of that classic look and feel, some of that old-timey elegance and import, if you know what I mean. With just a dash of new-school flash.

I won’t get too far into the explanation of what it is and what it’ll do, because that’s exactly what the pre-launch site is for. So please check it out, read up on it a little bit, and if you’re at all interested in what I’m building over there, do sign up for the occasional project update via email. Especially if you’re a collector, a dealer, or a club/association/society leader – I want to get a lot of feedback from you guys right now as I spec this thing out and develop it into something that’s truly useful for the entire industry. Just remember…

It’s mainly for the collectors!

I want to be the champion of the serious collectors of the world, and give them a place to be found and to find others like them – they’ve been invisible for far too long. Of course I’ll respect the privacy of everyone who wants that, to whatever extent they do want it, but I know that so many individual collectors would love to know who else shares their passion for some obscure author or topic, and have a way to buy/sell/connect with them. That’s mainly who this platform will be for. I’m actually starting to get really excited about it :)

This past week has been spent coding up the pre-launch site, and today I started shopping it around a bit to a few people. Over the next couple weeks I’ll primarily be in Learn Mode, talking to as many industry professionals as I can from all angles, and putting together a requirements list for my developer of how this thing will need to be structured on the back end to do what it’s supposed to do.

More updates and more book shops as I have them! Talk to you later…

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I'm building a web platform to index and connect serious book collectors in every topic, while documenting the entire process here on this site.

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  1. Rock n’ roll baby! This is going to be SOOOOO helpful for people!! Now if you can launch one for coin collectors you’ll really give me a reason to quit my job and collect full-time ;)

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