This guy is my grandpa, and he’s awesome. In fact, I sometimes steal his desk when he’s out of the office, and work on this site from the museum.

Bob Paquette’s Microphone Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a private collection started in 1950 and displayed since 1970, is the result of a lifetime of research into the history and evolution of the microphone. The museum contains over 1,200 microphones, the majority of which are pre-1950. Many items associated with the microphones and their use are also displayed, including many types of desk and floor stands, microphone enclosures, transformers, preamplifiers and test equipment. On file is a collection of specification sheets, patent copies, catalogs, advertising literature, and technical periodicals. Three displays are set up to show the service and rebuilding process of early carbon and condenser microphones along with the special apparatus used. Since the microphone evolved from the telephone, a variety of telephone transmitters are on display along with a few early telephones. Early wireless and radio are also included.

The museum is free to the public by appointment only (see website for contact information). Additionally, Bob is working on his estate planning right now, and is open to discussion about selling the collection to an interested party. You may contact him directly or drop me a line for more details.