I’m a digital marketing strategist by day, and a rare book enthusiast by . . . well, other parts of the day. I absolutely love that the heart of this space involves people connecting one-on-one and sharing information with each other, usually within the friendly confines of a local bookstore or library. As a web professional with two decades of experience, what I don’t love is that the collecting space is so old-school that it’s nearly impossible to locate and contact serious collectors in any topic if they don’t have a web presence (and most don’t).

I’m working to fix that.

My past projects have been successful primarily by providing innovative one-to-one interaction opportunities around a chosen topic (historically philanthropy and digital marketing). I’ve brought tens of thousands of people together on my other platforms, so my goal here is similar: to build a living web directory to index and connect all the collectors, dealers, bloggers, scouts, and researchers who want to be found, while carefully maintaining privacy for those who prefer it.

Along the way I like to work on location from various bookstores, libraries, and private collectors’ homes each week, and document the development process here on the blog as I continue to learn and build. It’s a great way to get hands-on with the books and meet people in the community. If you want to learn more about creating impactful web projects, you can follow along using the “How To Build Big Things” category tag.

In addition to blog posts, the weekly newsletter provides behind-the-scenes commentary on everything that goes into building something like this. You can check out the archive to see some examples and get weekly updates.

Valuable And Rare is my rare book blog, and the Collector Directory is the tool I’m building to help collectors expand their collections and connect with one another around their specific topics of interest.

If you’d like to chat about any of this, or have any ideas on how I can make this platform the perfect tool for the serious collector, please feel free to reach out to me at any time – I’m excited to meet and learn from everyone!

Oh, and if you would like help with any web-related stuff (especially if you’re part of any kind of association, club, or group), check out the Services Offered page. Maybe we can work together on something . . . 

– Nate  



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