With 20 years of experience in web-based information architecture and connecting communities both online and off, I’m excited to apply that knowledge to the world of book collecting to help the right people talk to each other about the right things at the right time. I’m especially interested in talking to serious collectors about how we can work together to build a great tool for expanding their collections.

I’m always available to chat about anything related to this site, the rare book industry, good science fiction, life in general, ways I can help you, or anything else. Email, call, text, whatever. I rarely sleep. Contact info is below.

Twitter is the platform I’m the most active on, so come hang out there if you have an account. Be advised, however, that it’s rife with inane observations, poor meal choices, and Green Bay Packers talk on Sundays during the fall.

Also there’s a strict “No Pets” policy. But if you’re down for all that . . . 


Email: nate [at] valuableandrare [dot] com

Phone: 414-215-0238

Twitter: @NateStPierre