Services Offered

Obviously you can trust me because I work at fancy agencies and startup-type places

I’m a bit of an anomaly in the rare book space because I am neither a collector nor a dealer. However, I am a talented web professional, which seems to be something in short supply in this industry. I can create anything and everything you need online, whether you’re a dealer looking to do more business, a collector looking to establish a website for your collection, or even a blogger looking to build your brand.

I have over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications, with a specialty in digital strategy, having spent the last 7 years doing national agency-level work while simultaneously building out my own product brands and web platforms. For contract work, I also partner with someone who has the same amount of marketing experience, with a specialty in copywriting and web development. 

People and organizations often ask me to help with their digital efforts, and I usually decline, but since I’m interested in learning more about how to bring people together in this space, and I want to connect with established dealers and collectors, I will consider all requests and potential opportunities.

I’d be happy to get on a (free) 20-minute call to chat with you about what you’d like to accomplish.
(Phone: 414-215-0238 | Professional Recommendations: LinkedIn)

Here are some areas my development partner and I can help you with:

Dealers and Collectors

Web Design & Copywriting
We can build you a clean, modern, functional website, either business or personal, including cutting-edge sales or branding copy

Email Marketing
From consulting on the basics of setting up a program (including email management applications) to completely managing the nuts and bolts for you, we can do it all

Branding Strategy
What do people think of when they hear your name? That’s what we’ll figure out together and create a pathway to achieve

Social Activations
If you want to get people’s attention to drive traffic to a physical store or online portal, we’ve spent years doing this as digital strategists for mom-and-pop shops up to billion-dollar brands

Associations or Clubs

If you manage a large group of collectors and want some help with your digital presence, we can do everything you see on the left, plus the following (utilizing Collector Directory technology) . . . 

Member Communication
We can digitize your membership list and give everyone in the group a private online portal to instantly see up-to-date contact information and areas of collection interest for all of your members

Collection Expansion
We can categorize and database your members’ collecting interests and provide a platform for them to buy/sell/trade with each other (as well as the rest of the world, if they desire)

If you’re interested in talking about anything listed above, shoot me an email at “nate [at] valuableandrare [dot] com” or give me a call at 414-215-0238. You can check out my LinkedIn profile and scroll down to the Recommendations section to make sure I’m actually good at this stuff ;)

Portfolio and references can be provided individually if desired.

Let’s work on something together!