Working On Location

Working from my grandpa’s microphone museum (library outside, countdown to my death onscreen)

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved being surrounded by books. I’ve worked a freelance digital career for most of the past decade, but I can’t do the coffee shops or co-working spaces that my cohorts seem to love. They’re just too noisy, crowded, and distracting for me to get into any kind of deep thought, which is where I do my best work.

So for this project, as I wade into the rare book industry and develop a collector directory that marries the old school to the new while connecting book lovers the world over, I’ll be working on my laptop from the places I love the most: libraries, bookstores, and even private collectors’ homes. Quiet, peaceful, and surrounded by knowledge (not to mention that wonderful smell) . . . these environments are where you’ll find me. 

Along the way I’ll be taking pictures of each place I visit, which you can find within the blog posts themselves and also collected in total on my Pinterest account. In addition, here on this page I’ll list out their names with links to their website or a related blog post for each one, so you can follow along on the journey, and maybe visit a few yourself.

Here’s the chronological listing of posts featuring places I’ve worked from: On Location

Individual listings by name below…


Private Collections



I captured this scene at Paul’s Book Store in Madison, Wisconsin – these are my favorite places in the world.